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North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) Information Session


Antigonish Claymore Inn & Conference Centre
Antigonish, Nova Scotia  -   Tuesday, November 8th, 2005


10:00am           Registration of Participants

10:15am           Opening Prayer

10:20am           History of the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG)

C                      Structure of NAIG & how are we connected to NAIG?

C                      2002 Team Mi’kmaw Nova Scotia (Participation numbers and costs)

C                      Examples of some challenges & success points

10:35am           2006 NAIG – Denver, Colorado

C                      Update by George “Tex” Marshall

C                      What are the next steps?

C                      What are the “realistic athlete & team numbers” for 2006 NAIG

C                      What are the major stumbling blocks and how do we address them?           

11:10am           NAIG development and the Mi’kmaw School Systems (MYRACL)

C                      Updated information on MYRACL initiatives - how do they tie in?

C                      Proposed alignment of school programs to long term NAIG preparation

C                      Linkage to funding of proposed activities as it relates to Health and
            other programs that could benefit our communities

11:30am           Discussion on the need for community and leadership involvement

C                      How this will impact the preparation of our athletes and teams

C                      The need to present our issues, barriers and long term plan to
             governments (TF)

C                      Request for interested persons to comprise a NAIG Committee



1:00pm             Creating a Vision - Planning ahead for success

C                      What do we know are the barriers at this point?

C                      How do we put things in place to address these barriers?

C                      Who is going to be part of this process - who needs to be

1:45pm             Partners needed at the NAIG Visioning Table

C                      Who needs to be part of this process? Who’s missing? (Orgs - why?)

C                      How do we ensure their participation and support?

C                      Development of a Declaration similar to the Maskwacheese Declaration

2:15pm             Nutrition Break - 10 minutes

2:30pm             Overview of information - gathering knowledge

C                      What have we learned today & what are the next steps?

C                      Questions / Concerns

3:00pm             Closing Comments & Closing Prayer


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