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"Promoting Healthy, Active Lifestyles in Mi'kmaw Communities across Nova Scotia 
through the tools of Sports & Recreation..."

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MYRACL has an established Board of Directors that represent all of the thirteen (13) Nova Scotia Mi'kmaw Communities.  It's leaders, our Assembly of Nova Scotia Chiefs, currently sit as the Board of Directors for this organization.  MYRACL also has two representatives for it's two Nova Scotia Mi'kmaw Tribal Councils, namely the Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaqs (CMM) and the Union of Nova Scotia Indians (UNSI).

Representation from the All Chiefs Assembly since 1997 include Chief Kerry Prosper (Paqtnkek, 1997-2001), Chief Morley Googoo (Wekoqmaq, 1997-2003), and Chief Terry Paul (Membertou, 2000-present).  Most recently, Chief Gerard Julian (Paqtnkek, 2001-present) and Chief Sandy Googoo (2004-present) and lastly Chief Wilbert Marshall (Potlotek, 2003-present).  These community leaders have joined our Executive Board and will continue to help assist MYRACL in achieving our targeted goals for communities across the Province of Nova Scotia.


The CMM tribal council from 1995-2000 has been represented by Mr. Tim Bernard.   Mr. Bernard in his work has brought over ten (10) years of experience in the area of Aboriginal sports into our organization.  His background as the editor of the Mi'kmaq-Maliseet Nations News editor certainly assisted our organization in terms of properly administering programs and services.  With his expertise, we have been able to bring the issues relating to NSMSRC to the All Chiefs Assembly in a quick and professional manner.  Currently and as of February 2000, Mr. Bernard has decided to step down as a CMM/NSMSRC representative to the Aboriginal Sport Circle in order to pursue other interests at his full time position.  We thank Tim for his years of work with our "Circle" and on behalf of the Nova Scotia Mi'kmaw Communities commend him on a job well done... we at the Circle also want to thank you Tim.

The reigns have been taken over by Mr. Colin Bernard, originally from the We'koqma'q First Nation, Colin has lived on the Millbrook First Nation for the past 15 years and has contributed much to community events through volunteering and has held various positions of support in the community.  He currently is a Youth Services Coordinator as well as a Councillor for the Millbrook First Nation.  Colin also brings a solid background not only in participation and organizing sports events across the Mi'kmaq nation in both Softball and bowling, he also brings a genuine interest in helping the NSMSRC.  Colin will help to continue in helping to build our organization to a level where we can continue to bring Aboriginal people opportunities in sports, recreation and active living. 

Representing the UNSI tribal council also since 1995 is Mr. George "Tex" Marshall, a Mi'kmaw from the Eskasoni First Nation in Cape Breton, N.S.  Mr. Marshall's background includes over 15 years experience in participating and organizing Aboriginal sports and events, over ten years in the Aboriginal Education system and currently a Youth Worker with Eskasoni Mental Health and Social Work.  Tex has also held the position of Treasurer for the Aboriginal Sport Circle since 1998.  As mentioned before, his position as the representative for the UNSI mandates a seat to the Board of Directors of the Aboriginal Sport Circle of Canada.  In February 2000, Mr. Marshall decided to step down as Treasurer of the ASC to allow other members of the ASC Board an opportunity to contribute to the National Board.  In 2002, Mr. Marshall ran for the position of Vice Chairperson of the national organization and has held this role since then.

We would like to publicly thank all of these gentlemen for their dedication and countless hours spent in the promotion of sport, recreation and active living opportunities for the Mi'kmaw people of Nova Scotia.  Without the generous and ongoing effort that these tremendously giving individuals have shown to the organization, the much needed support and direction of our initiatives would not have been possible throughout the years!  Welaliek ~


Currently, the day to day services for the organization are being served by it's Executive Director, Mr. Robert Bernard from the We'koq'maq First Nation.  Mr. Bernard was hired in December 1997 and has been actively engaging in the development of the organization by initiating long term relationships with support organizations within Aboriginal Mi'kmaw Nova Scotia, the Aboriginal Sports Circle (the National Aboriginal voice for Sport in Canada) and also with the Nova Scotia Sports & Recreation Commission. 

Mr. Bernard's background includes over twenty (20) years of experience in participating in Aboriginal Sports activities at a high level throughout the Province of Nova Scotia and has participated at the National level for Softball.  In those years, Mr. Bernard has also organized many hockey and softball tournaments and was instrumental in developing the structure around the Nova Scotia Mi'kmaw Provincial Softball Association and the Maritime Indian Hockey Association (M.I.H.A.). 

He has also participated in the 1995 North American Indigenous Games where he was a member of the Gold Medal winning softball team at the Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He is also currently the Maritime Director for the North American Fastpitch Association (N.A.F.A.) and has recently been approached to sit on the Board of Directors for Softball Nova Scotia. 

Mr. Bernard has also increased his capacity in being a representative on the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) Council as a Board Member and from 2002-2004 filled the role as the Executive Treasurer for NAIG Council.  As well, from 2001-20004, Mr. Bernard held the role of the Atlantic Area Commissioner for the International Softball Congress, a world renowned organization that promotes fastpitch softball across North America.

Most recently, Mr. Bernard has also achieved "Trainer" status with the High Five (Quality  Assessment Training in Sports & Recreation) Program in the fall of 2004.  This position will help in bringing capacity building opportunities to communities across Nova Scotia and will help to spread the good word around the great tools available for communities and organizations in High Five.  For more information on the program, please visit their web site at: .


MYRACL has recognized the need for establishing ongoing grassroots involvement after the completion of it's Grassroots Level Document in the year 2000.  As an organization, it is very important to understand, include and work with our community volunteers, organizations and increasing number of community recreation/sport staff and support the recommendations that come from these individuals in an effort to continue developing a strong working relationship that will help our organization achieve our goals.  

We have received enormous support from our First Nation communities across Nova Scotia for this initiative and at this point we have at least nine (9) out of thirteen (13) of our communities represented at the Community Advisory table. 

The mandate of these Community Representatives (CR's) is to bring the concerns, needs and information from their respective communities to the table of the MYRACL and to share this information for the benefit of other communities as well.. 

The organization is now in the process of re-establishing these Community Sport & Recreation Committee members that will be crucial to the success of our organization in terms of providing a voice from the various community levels we will be hearing from across the Province.

Please check in later when we will have an updated list of contact names, phone, fax and email data for your contact use.  This new contact list will be developed once our new fiscal year Grassroots Committee Meetings have been completed and a new year of initiatives started up once again for our communities for the 2005-2006 fiscal year.



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