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2005 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships
Miramachi, New Brunswick
April 17th - 23rd, 2005


This page is being set up to help with the download of files pertaining to the registration of coaches, athletes and chaperones for the event.  These files are in Microsoft Word only and if you only have or are using WordPerfect, download and save the file to your hard drive first and then open your program to open the file... it should convert it safely.

Once you download the files for your registration, please fax them to:

Robert Bernard
Team Atlantic Co-GM (Male/Female Teams)

Fax:  902-756-2984


Press this link to download file:   Download

All players (male/female) participating in the 2005 NAHC must completely fill out one of these forms including information on your background and statistical information while playing the great sport of hockey, your medical information, your parent permission forms, your security background information (if required) as well as your Code of Conduct information.  These must be filled out completely for you to participate at the 2005 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships.


Press this link to download file:   Download

All officials including all coaches, chaperones, team staff and management must fill out one of these forms prior to the start of the 2005 NAHC or your participation will not be accepted by the host organization.


Press this link to download file:   Download

This form helps to address the issue of players that do not have Indian Status or Metis Cards but do have Aboriginal Ancestry.  If you have any questions, please contact the 2005 NAHC by emailing Kevin Bowman at .


Press this link to download file:   Download

This file is for players that are currently going to school in another Province in Canada and are trying to register with their home province to play in the 2005 NAHC.  These forms must be filled out as there are registry requirements from Hockey Canada to participate in the 2005 NAHC.


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