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2003 NAHC
2005 NAHC
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The Nova Scotia Mi'kmaw Youth, Recreation & Active Circle for Living (MYRACL) has actively been involved in bringing quite a number opportunities for elite hockey development for both male and female elite hockey athletes from the various Mi'kmaw First Nations of Nova Scotia to the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC) over the past number of years including:

2002 NAHC (Cornwall / Akwasasne, Ontario)

2003 NAHC (Cornwall / Akwasasne, Ontario)

2004 NAHC (Prince George, British Columbia)

2005 NAHC (Miramachi, New Brunswick)

2006 NAHC (Kahnawake', Eastern Door & the North), Montreal, Quebec

Through the partnership and cooperation of MYRACL, along with the many volunteers at the various community levels, the dedication of volunteer coaches and management and especially the financial support from the communities themselves... we have been able to travel the country with these athletes and experience high caliber Aboriginal hockey at its best in the midget age category.

Some of the players that have participated in these national championships over the past few years from our regions have also qualified through a national selection process to attend the National Aboriginal High Performance Hockey Camp, usually held each year after the NAHC.

In some of these profiles that you can access through this website, you will be able to see the locations of the various national events, their event profiles, and as well the final results from Team Mi'kmaw Nova Scotia Male & Female Teams (2002 & 2003) and Team Atlantic Male & Female Team (2003). 

We hope to update these web pages to include pictures of past players, games and team photos as soon as possible.

For more information on the 2006 NAHC, please visit the link found on the left hand portion of the page and look for the updated "TRYOUT SCHEDULE" that will be posted for all players, coaches and team management to plan in the very near future.

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