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"Promoting Healthy, Active Lifestyles in Mi'kmaw Communities across Nova Scotia 
through the tools of Sports & Recreation..."

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The purpose of  Health Promotion is to:

bulletenhance the quality of life of Nova Scotians through the development, encouragement, establishment, co-ordination, implementation and promotion of sport and recreation programs and services; and,
bulletdevelop excellence in programs and services which preserves and develops the traditional values, quality of life and environment of Nova Scotians.

Core Business Areas

Sport and Recreation provides policies, programs and services in three core business areas, each designed to achieve one or more strategic goals:

bulletDevelopment and support of recreation and sport organizations, public agencies and communities.
bulletPromotion and support of active healthy lifestyles.
bulletQuality, safe and equitable sport and recreation opportunities and experiences.

Detailed information about the Office of Health Promotion and the programs and services that they provide under programs such as Sport Nova Scotia, the Sport Futures Program, the High Five Program and grant funding applications available for communities under facilities funding improvement as well as community development funding for increasing physical active lifestyles... as well as many other provincial and community based initiatives and programs can all be found at the following location:

Through this main entrance portal, the web index will give you a number of choices depending on what you are looking for and the needs of your organization or community.  Whether it is training, assistance in a skills camp, some type of funding assistance or contacts in one of the many provincial sport organizations... it will help you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Should you require any further assistance, please contact MYRACL directly by emailing the Executive Director at either one of the following:

Robert Bernard
Executive Director,


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