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"Promoting Healthy, Active Lifestyles in Mi'kmaw Communities across Nova Scotia 
through the tools of Sports & Recreation..."

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This initiative is a result of many years of hard work in developing opportunities to advise, educate and partner with all of the three governments that our Mi'kmaw people currently work with to develop long term, sustainable opportunities for our people.

Sports & Recreation has been difficult to try to fit into any one of the nine (9) areas that the Tripartite Forum officially recognizes because Sports & Recreation covers many areas and positively affects these areas as it works to create healthy, active lifestyles for children, youth and all community members in general by promoting quality living.

By doing this, there are a number of preventative measures that the organization promotes involving such things as alcohol & drug prevention, promotion of education and staying in school, promotion of self esteem for children and youth, etc...

We understand that by promoting healthy lifestyles to our youth and giving them an opportunity to excel through quality athletic programming, we are giving them an opportunity to grow and learn about team work, fair play, cohesiveness, partnering together to work towards goals and so on.

Through the means of the three governments working together to develop a mandate to support the growth of programs through ongoing financial support, representatives from these three governments are working together with us to develop long term opportunities for our people, especially our youth.


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Tripartite Forum

Operational Plan 2004B05

Sport and Recreation Working Committee



Physical activity and structured/unstructured recreational opportunities do more than promote good physical and emotional development in children and youth. They provide an opportunity to relate to others and to gain a valuable sense of achievement; the development of social skills; outlets for positive, constructive behaviours and; contribute to strengthening the capacity of Nova Scotia Mi=kmaq communities.

The promotion of positive lifestyle choices must be promoted through an integrated approach. This can be supported by staff from the OHP priority areas of Healthy Eating, Tobacco, Injury Prevention, Problem Drinking, and Problem Gambling.

The MYRACL, formerly known as the Nova Scotia Mi=kmaq Sport and Recreation Circle, was established in 1997 through a resolution by the Assembly of Nova Scotia Chiefs.  Its purpose was to develop structured/unstructured recreation and active living initiatives for the Mi=kmaq people of Nova Scotia. 

Now, with the guidance of the Tripartite Forum Sport and Recreation Working Committee, the co-chairs along with the broad committee will provide advice and support to the MYRACL and promote various initiatives identified within the attached 5-year work plan.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Increase physical education, sport, recreation, and physical activity in schools and communities with a focus on children and youth (males and females)

Goal 2: Leadership development and capacity building

Goal 3: Revitalization of culture and heritage through the introduction of Indigenous sports

Goal 4: Promote participation in Atlantic-Wide sport competition

Note:  A detailed outline of the Tripartite Forum Sport & Recreation Committee Strategic Plan is available should you require further information, please contact the main office directly to discuss any questions that you may have on this topic.


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